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You Can’t Beat the Facts

Top Ten VoIP Facts that will have you asking – Why haven’t I switched to VoIP yet?

You Can’t Beat the Facts10. Customer Support – Ancero offers 24/7 support for all VoIP needs, eliminating the need for a technician’s visit the majority of the time.

9. Operator panel – Web-based portal allows supervisors and users to adjust and manage their system online.

8. Get out of the Closet – Eliminate complex PBX hardware & software housed in that old phone closet.

7. Easy Install – VoIP phone systems are programed at Ancero and brought to your location ready to go. It’s as simple as plugging them in!

6. It’s Portable – Need to work from home? Unplug your VoIP phone and take it with you, if you have internet access you can login to your phone wherever you are.

5. Features – It’s all in the details like Auto-Attendents, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Music on Hold, Ring Groups, Conference Calling and more.

4. Flexibility – VoIP is flexible to meet the needs of all business sizes, it’s scalable to grow with you and provides fault tolerance for your business class phone system.

3. Cloud Continuity – VoIP provides fault tolerance for your business class phone system by putting your PBX in the Cloud, eliminating downtime if a disaster strikes. Route calls to mobile devices, branch locations or take the phones with you to keep your business running if an unplanned event keeps you from your office.

2. Cloud OR Premise – We offer both Cloud and On-Premise PBX server plans to fit your needs.

1. COST SAVINGS! You can’t beat this fact – 100% of our VoIP customers experienced an average 30% reduction in cost when switching to Ancero Utility VoIP.