Utility VoIP

Why Do We Call Utility VoIP a Cloud Phone System?

When you hear the terms – Hosted PBX or Cloud VoIP – it simply means that there is no physical system that needs to be installed (or confined) at your location. The entire phone system is available over your network via the internet (i.e. the Cloud), which enables mobility features so that no matter where an employee is, if they have internet connectivity they can be reached via the office network. It’s a cloud based, virtual telephone system, completely flexible to your needs.

But VoIP is so much more than an Internet phone system. Without any hardware installed in your business – except of course for the desk phones – you still have all the features and benefits of a traditional phone system, plus many more. Call queues, call transfers, auto attendants, voicemail to email, conference bridge, administrative portal, unified communications, mobility and coming soon a new app!

A cloud hosted VoIP phone system (or Hosted PBX) is an ideal solution for businesses with a mobile workforce and/or multiple locations. The VoIP system creates the ability for dispersed employees to work under a single umbrella, reducing resources on your company, improving productivity and reducing telecom expenses.

Move to a modern phone system and keep pace with the way business is conducted today. Want to learn more?

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