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The Real Cost of Outdated Technology

For most small to medium sized businesses the IT budget is tightly managed to maximize dollars. Even if those dollars are spent wisely, risks are always lurking in technology that can sabotage a budget. But In reality the greatest saboteur of funds is the use of outdated technology. Aging systems could be causing a greater spend in IT than you realize. You could be jeopardizing thousands of dollars as your technology slows down, maintenance costs for aging hardware will increase and leave you vulnerable to downtime and risk. New technology and services are more efficient, use less energy, keep your team productive and your budget on track!  Consider outsourcing IT needs to a Managed Service Provider like Ancero.  The MSP use its expertise and efficiencies to perform tasks faster and at a lower cost. By utilizing its own computing platform to perform a service, capital expenses are also reduced and a skilled MSP better aligns your  IT needs with your business needs. This info graphic illustrates the importance of heading off an expensive IT disaster by modernizing your technology.

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