Ancero Utility VoIP Case Study – Municipality

The Borough of Haddon Heights required an upgrade to a more technologically advanced phone system to improve efficiency and ease. They were experiencing poor call quality, dropped calls and the inability to effectively communicate between departments with the limited functionality of their aging, copper lines system. Specifically important to them was the ability to navigate callers and voicemails to the appropriate department.

When the Borough of Haddon Heights sought out a solution to improve their communications, the former Mayor, Mr. Edward Forte, found Ancero. Three VoIP providers submitted quotes for new solutions, but Ancero was chosen above all for their customer service, affordability, and the ability for the customer to have control over their system in the Utility VoIP portal.

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Connectivity Success Story: Multi-Campus Education

Advantage Communications Group reduced telecom expenses by 48%, while increasing network redundancy and visibility.

Although the $7.3-million-dollar Telecom and IT cost line item was among the largest on their corporate expense ledger each year, the Client lacked a true understanding of exactly what those charges entailed. They utilized four geographically dispersed IT Groups to support their campuses, with each of these operating independently, handling all procurement, vendor selection and carrier management activities individually. Thus, their IT infrastructure consisted of different services from different vendors at each location, with no overall visibility into network performance or costs. As IT needs increased and budgets decreased, this model proved to be inefficient and the Company decided to consolidate the four groups into one central IT team. This new team was charged with standardizing architecture and processes across all locations, lowering costs by at least 20% and reducing headcount.

Ancero partners with Advantage to provide our customers industry leading connectivity solutions.

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Connectivity Success Story: Financial Services Retail

Advantage Communications Group standardized architecture with improved functionality across 140 locations. For 18% less each month.

This major financial firm operates over 140 Field Agent Office locations across the US, with a plan to add 10-15 new locations every year. Each of these offices requires voice and internet service, but due to the geographic diversity of their locations, they had been procuring services from dozens of regional providers, each of which had individual contract, payment, and service terms. There also was no unified architecture across locations: data services included cable broadband, T1, and DSL; and for voice they used a mix of coax, copper T1 and POTS lines. This resulted in a disparate infrastructure that was costly, complex and difficult to implement, move, and manage. Fragmented provider relationships and frequent office relocations resulted in termination fees that added expense but not value or service. On the administrative side, over 500 invoice payments were necessary every year.

Ancero partners with Advantage to provide our customers industry leading connectivity solutions.

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Ancero Multi-Solution Case Study For Healthcare Treatment Centers

The customer referred to herein as ‘Healthcare Treatment Centers’ provides comprehensive dialysis access maintenance, fistula maturation procedures, vessel mapping, complete catheter services and associated medical services. The company has experienced significant growth over recent years and now has offices in dozens of states.

As a medical organization, this customer requires proactive IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, depending upon when patients need care. This customer is also subject to significant security and compliance standards due to HIPAA and PCI regulations for client health data and payment information. As the customer grew, it depended upon Ancero to integrate its IT infrastructure with both existing and newly acquired offices. This included installing and managing its VoIP based business phone service, securing all of its data and implementing a disaster recovery plan.

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How Ancero Delivers Top-Notch BCDR – Datto Success Story

It isn’t easy to keep a client’s business running no matter what. Especially when that client is located in a flood-prone area with unreliable power. Luckily, Ancero, a managed service provider (MSP) operating out of Mount Laurel, NJ, is there to help. In addition to serving as an MSP, Ancero provides clients with cloud-based communication solutions, private cloud storage and various other services.

Ancero does whatever it takes to keep their clients in business, as is the case for a pharmaceutical company. According to Mitch Borochaner, Manager of Pre-Sales Engineering at Ancero, some of the pharmaceutical company’s major pain points included the constant need for generators to account for their faulty power utilities at the office and the threat of flooding.

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