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2016 could be considered a highly successful year from the perspective of both security professionals and cyber criminals. Security teams leveraged groundbreaking technologies to successfully fend off attacks that would have devastated their organizations in years past. At the same time, we saw the rise of new cyber threats that targeted organizations of all sizes and led to serious financial consequences for many.

It would be inaccurate to say the threat landscape either diminished or expanded in 2016 – rather, it appears to have evolved and shifted. Cybersecurity is not a battle of attrition; it’s an arms race, and both sides are proving exceptionally innovative.

As cybersecurity enters a new era of automated breach prevention, not just breach detection, security companies may begin to achieve even greater victories in the cyber arms race. But it’s ultimately up to the businesses at the center of the fight to ensure they’re armed for battle. The goal of the SonicWall Annual Threat Report is to define the cybersecurity battlefield in order to enable companies and individuals around the world to mount an impenetrable defense in 2017 and beyond.

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