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Through their innovative call center platform PatientStar provides remote nursing support staff for healthcare organizations. To support their growing remote workforce in this sophisticated environment and to maintain HIPAA/HITECH- and 21CFR Part 11 compliance, they required a scalable and secure desktop solution. Ancero’s Cloud Workspace fit their needs.


Ancero Cloud Workspace delivered the following features and benefits that gave them the confidence to deliver applications securely to their mobile workforce.

  • Flexibility, access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • BYOD model avoids a large, costly hardware purchase
  • Restrictions to specific Websites with “No” Web Browsing capabilities
  • Scalable as new projects come onboard to increase staff quickly
  • Consistent experience for all users
  • Keep IT costs down
  • Ease of collaboration between remote and internal workforce
  • Secure lock down of the environment so no sensitive, company or patient data can be transferred outside of Cloud Workspace or stored locally on the devices.

Our cloud solutions can change the game for small business

»The cloud enables the small business to take full advantage of technology to optimize business process and modernize infrastructure without buying, building and maintaining expensive IT assets.

»The cloud facilities anytime, anywhere access to data, applications, and other network resources from multiple devices.

»The cloud provides the flexibility, agility and scalability you need to adapt to customer needs, capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace, and roll out new products and services.

»The cloud saves you money with either a subscription based or pay as you go model which provides predictable operating expenses and reduced IT spend.

»The cloud ensures regulatory compliance and data residency requirements along with robust data protection.

Ancero’s cloud computing services are powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and as a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we ensure you will have a flexible, secure solution to address your unique migration and infrastructure needs.

Cloud migration is a very customized process. It’s a different journey for every organization. The flexibility of the Azure allows us to customize an ideal mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. And gives our customers the ability to manage IT costs in a way that works best for their business. We craft cloud solutions that are distinct to each business to meet their individual goals and budget.

Cloud Storage

Businesses are generating a ton of data each day, and they’re struggling to find the right place to safely, cost-effectively store and access their data for a long time. Virtually every industry expert agrees that you have to store data offsite where it can be securely accessed from any location and any device. This is why cloud storage adoption has exploded. Hardened security technology  gives you the confidence that your applications, files, and desktops are protected, meet compliance standards, and always available when you need them.

Cloud Infastructure

Is your small to midsize business facing a network hardware refresh or upgrade? Don’t buy, build, and maintain expensive IT assets when you can simply “plug in” to the cloud with the cost-effective ‘pay only for what you use’ cloud model. ACI can be quickly scaled up or down according to current demand, allowing you to maximize operational efficiency. In most cases ACI is half the cost of the traditional data center model. Read more about cloud infastucture options and models.


Cloud Workspace

The computing platform that enables you to easily transition your existing data, applications and devices to the cloud. Cloud Workspace connects remote employees, enhancing mobile work, and fully supports BYOD. It’s infinitely scalable, instantly upgradable, and continually protected. Workspace provides ease of use on every device—desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones—and the consistent user experience helps enhance productivity. Ancero bundles in our managed IT services, removing a significant management burden from your plate.


Microsoft 365, the most widely adopted SaaS application among SMBs

Ancero specializes in migrating customers email and data from multiple platforms into the Office 365 suite with ease and minimal downtime. Our automated tools simplify migrations from 5 users to 500+ users. O365 does not provide native backup and recovery options. To protect our customer’s data in Office 365 – including Teams – we layer on cloud-based SaaS Protection to backup data in Office 365.

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Why has Ancero Cloud Workspace been so well-received in the SMB community? The simplest way to convey its business value is to explain the three Cs – convenience, control, and confidence. Read More