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Maintain productivity in an increasingly mobile workstyle

Many businesses are searching for a cost-effective, secure and reliable way to provide their distributed end-users access to business applications and corporate data no matter where they work. Cloud hosted Workspace-as-a-Service, or WaaS, is an innovative solution perfect for businesses looking to support remote work employees, mobile employees and BYOD environments.

According to a Gallup poll, 37% of U.S. workers have telecommuted, working from home an average of two days per month.  A remote workforce has many faces. There are employees that are on the move full-time within their work environment, such as doctors, factory floor workers, and retail associates. This includes shift workers or clinicians that use shared devices to reduce costs. For them to remain productive, they need reliable, fast and secure access to corporate apps and data, regardless of location.

To be successful, a workspace requires several things: data security, remote access to apps and data, and a great user experience. Ancero’s Workspace-as-a-Service provides employees a virtual workstation enabling access to their documents, applications and corporate data, securely from any device, anytime, anywhere. WaaS removes the burden of purchasing, supporting and upgrading local PCs, streamlines IT management and expands the reach of your organization by making your employees more mobile and responsive.

Cost benefits

  • Reduce management overhead associated with core server and storage infrastructure equipment.
  • Take advantage of Microsoft service provider licensing and rent software monthly instead of a large up front capital outlay.
  • Reuse existing hardware and extend the life of your IT investment.
  • Use of a thin client to access WaaS, which costs two times less than a traditional PC due to its longer life, absence of a local hard disk, and reduced power consumption.


  • If there is no sensitive information stored on any local hard drive, there is nothing to steal or loose.
  • Cloud desktops are locked down, changes are made by an administrator which helps to prevent user initiated problems.
  • If a cloud desktop gets an infection, we simply recover from a golden image and then reload the user’s profile settings.  Recovery is quick and easy.


  • Hibernate your virtual desktop at the office, resume that same virtual desktop at home.
  • Access your complete personal PC desktop experience from anywhere, using any device.


  • Virtual desktops are implemented and scaled quickly.
  • Rapidly deploy new updates, software and apps.
  • Ready-made disaster recovery (DR) strategy to get their desktops up and running quickly after any disaster.

Ancero Cloud Workspace enables hosted business services on demand for the mobile work styles of today’s end users with out loss of productivity. It’s the perfect solution for small business transitioning applications and support to the cloud. Are you looking to make your physical workspace more efficient and productive for remote work? Call Ancero, the highly rated NJ IT support company, to schedule your free evaluation. Our experts will discuss your immediate needs, current IT infrastructure and long term goals to ensure your environment is a fit for WaaS.

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