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Healthcare Firm Finds Success With Utility VoIP Contact Center

PTI Health provides mobile laboratory and medical supply delivery services for home-bound and nursing home patients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Rather than forcing patients and caregivers to leave the home for routine lab work and medical supplies, PTI Health goes directly to the patient. They had been using a very basic contact center solution in which seven agents interacted with patients via phone and social media to schedule and reschedule appointments and answer patient questions. Agents worked from an on-premise contact center at PTI Health’s physical location.

The existing solution, supplied by Ancero, was functioning properly and provided PTI Health with the basic reporting capabilities and data, but the organization simply outgrew the solution.

Step 1: Utility VoIP IVR

PTI Health had been working with a separate company that handled outbound appointment reminders. When they realized that Ancero could integrate an interactive voice response (IVR) solution and a contact center solution with their phone system, they saw an opportunity to consolidate vendors while enhancing their services.

The first step was to implement Ancero’s Utility VoIP IVR, an automated, self-service application that would allow patients and caregivers to interact with a database and obtain information on demand. The first use case was very simple. Utility VoIP would automate about 500-1,000 appointment reminder calls per day.

When PTI Health saw how well the new solution was working, they moved to a second use case, which would enable patients to press 1 to confirm an appointment, press 2 to reschedule an appointment, or press 3 to cancel the appointment. Call volume soon increased to 2,000 per day.

While Utility VoIP IVR was extremely successful, the contact center would become inundated with more calls than it could handle when patients wanted to reschedule appointments. PTI Health needed a more robust contact center solution.

Step 2: Utility VoIP Contact Center 

Utility VoIP Contact Center (UVCC) is a cloud-based contact center platform that offers omni-channel, multimedia functionality, integrating with voice, email, web, SMS text, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Utility VoIP CC would help PTI Health on several fronts.

First, the new system makes it possible to add agents without operating or expanding a physical contact center or purchasing additional hardware. Because UVCC is cloud-based and software-driven, agents can work remotely from any internet-connected device. PTI Health can recruit talent from virtually any location.

The UVCC platform seamlessly scales up or down as needed. Enabling greater flexibility and operational efficiency by allowing managers to staff their call center based on demand. When heavier call volume is expected, more agents are scheduled to work.

Granular analytics are built in with 90 reports available out of the box. PTI Health benefited from the ability to customize these reports. Any report can be automatically delivered to the appropriate personnel at set intervals rather than requiring staff to manually pull reports. This allows managers to measure, manage, and optimize contact center performance at a granular level

Because UVCC and IVR can be integrated with PTI Health’s unified communications phone system, the entire platform can be managed from a single pane of glass, creating additional management efficiency.


Ancero helped PTI Health start with small, basic use cases for UVCC and IVR. They quickly recognized the strength of the solutions and expanded to more sophisticated use cases and higher call volume, both of which create more value for the organization. All of these benefits translate to a better patient experience and higher patient satisfaction, which are the ultimate metrics for success.

If you’d like to discuss how your company can benefit from Utility VoIP Contact Center and IVR, contact Ancero today to schedule a consultation.

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