Don’t fight the threats of today with the technology of the past. Upgrades are essential to your security. Make sure your firewall is giving you the best protection available. Are you currently operating with an older, outdated SonicWall, Cisco or WatchGuard firewall?

An outdated security solution can’t handle today’s challenges:

  • Encrypted traffic is being used as an avenue for malicious threats and cyberattacks on networks of all sizes.
  • Legacy firewall security services just can’t effectively stop these encrypted threats.
  • After increasing bandwidth, organizations often find that their legacy firewall is a performance bottleneck.
  • Running an unsupported solution can lead to crippling downtimes in the event of a failure.

Your Firewall should extend beyond blocking network threats to protect, manage and control application traffic. A next-generation firewall’s high performance platform covers all the bases: deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, application intelligence and control to deliver a comprehensive security solution with superior protection. Next-generation firewalls offer fully supported industry leading network security, maximizing network throughput potential in a secure environment.