Data has changed and so has the way we protect it.

Data Protection is a robust, multi-layered approach that will maintain your day-to-day operations and prevent downtime. Ongoing employee education and security technology will boost your front line of defense and dramatically decrease the likelihood of any breaches. A solid, reliable backup and recovery solution is the second essential layer of defense, allowing businesses to quickly recover unscathed should things turn ugly. This layered strategy helps protect your data from all threats – system disasters, natural disasters, human error, malicious activity and security breaches.


Ancero will assess your IT needs, beginning with a high-level design phase to determine your continuity objectives. We’ll architect and implement complete protection, recovery plans, cloud backup, and managed IT services for businesses of any size, efficiently and cost effectively, with virtualization, email security, storage and data center solutions. We understand that data facilitates your business. That’s why we have carefully selected industry-leading vendors with cutting-edge technologies to ensure the security of your data.


Recognizing the growing need for additional cybersecurity capabilities, Ancero has a broad range of offerings in this complex, specialized space. Whether your organization has already faced a cyber attack or is proactively taking measures to prevent one, Ancero can offer:

  • Information Risk Assessment
  • Internal and External Penetration Testing
  • Managed Phishing and Vishing Campaigns
  • Breach Response
  • Training and Education


Data continuity solutions offer automated local backup on robust hardware purpose-built for data protection and replication to a secure cloud. In the event of an outage, users can boot virtual machines direct from the device or in the cloud, allowing businesses to return to operations quickly and dramatically reducing downtime. Ancero will test your plan in a live or simulated environment. Testing is a critical best practice that meets compliance and will reveal any limitations or weaknesses which help to fine tune a continuity plan.


The leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for software-as-a-service applications Office 365 and G Suite. These SaaS products deliver a high level of availability, reliability and security but do not provide native backup and recovery options for organizations, regardless of the level of criticality of the information. Ensure your Office 365 and G Suite data isn’t lost to end-user deletions, viruses, malicious activity or departing employees with Ancero SaaS Protection.

No business is immune from downtime. Threats to a business’ data exist everywhere. Let’s talk about Data Protection

Award Winning Data Protection Technology
• Local and Off-site Virtualization
• Superior Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
• Inverse Chain Technology
• Screenshot Verification
• Backup Insights
• Ent-to-End Encryption
• VMDK/VHD Export
• Secure, Purpose-built Data Center
• Better Bare Metal Restore
• Infinite Cloud Retention
• Geo Replication
• Ransomware Detection

Losing data can be catastrophic. The good news: It’s Preventable. Let’s get started

The process of working through the specification, quoting, payment, delivery and installation has been nothing but top-notch. The ultimate design and installation of the project was so successful that we use it to showcase our capabilities to the toughest clients, with outstanding success.
- Healthcare Technology Company -


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