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Cloud Confusion? Turn to an MSP

You are facing the challenge of increased storage demands. You understand the importance of a disaster recovery plan. You need data backup. You are concerned about security and compliance. How do you implement cloud-based services for your business? Where do you start?

Current cloud options are immensely varied, complicated and tricky to navigate. Not to mention overwhelming and confusing. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) understands the complexity of cloud options, and has the expertise necessary to incorporate the capabilities of diverse and emerging technologies to deliver strategic solutions; solutions that closely align IT with your business goals.

With cloud services you have to focus on the vital details regarding application performance, real time recovery, data rate of change, and scalable bandwidth, just to name a few. It is critical to select the right services for your cloud needs so that the technology works for your business. Hiring a managed service firm helps to guide you thru the cloud confusion, with a responsive and consultative approach that customizes the cloud for your unique needs.

For SMBs that are cost conscious, using an MSP is a surprising way to save money. The skilled MSP can use its expertise and efficiencies to perform tasks faster and at a lower cost. By utilizing its own computing platform to perform a service, capital expenses are also reduced. Many MSPs also have their own ‘private cloud’ in a data center, offering secure Managed Hosting services. The benefits of buying space and service through the MSP’s private cloud get better and more efficient with greater capacity. In addition, when internal resources that used to manage IT are able to focus on other projects, productivity increases. Even when a business has a dedicated IT staff, outsourcing some IT projects, like deploying new storage, virtualizing or implementing a continuity solution relieves pressure, increases efficiency, and protects data.

Free your team to build your business with innovation and collaboration, not IT management. Don’t waste time struggling to manage your cloud or risk your data security with the wrong move. Outsourcing your cloud needs to a managed service provider assures your needs will be met with accuracy, cost savings and security. Managed Service Providers become a trusted advisor, guiding technology decisions, managing infrastructure, solving network problems and assuring that your technology investment is working for you.

Ancero is the tri-state area’s premier Managed Service Provider, with 20 years of industry experience. Ancero was selected by South Jersey Biz Magazine as 2014 Best of Biz for Cloud Computing and has been included in the “MSP Mentor 100″ as one of the top 100 Managed Service Providers globally. Why trust your move to the cloud with any other MSP, call Ancero today.

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