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Cloud Computing Company | What’s Stopping You from Utilizing Cloud Computing Solutions

Many small and medium businesses are facing a difficult choice. Invest in an expensive technology refresh OR migrate to the cloud?

The average SMB is using outdated IT infrastructure that wasn’t designed to meet the demands of mobile and remote workers. It wasn’t designed to store and back up vast amounts of data. It wasn’t designed to provide protection against a constant barrage of cyberattacks or meet the vast array of today’s ever increasing compliance requirements.

If you choose the network infrastructure refresh, you are in for a significantly more expensive capital expenditure, along with the increased operational costs associated with traditional desktop management. Opposed to the cost savings of cloud migration.

So what’s keeping more SMBs from migrating to the cloud?

In many cases, hesitation is caused by a simple mis-understanding of how cloud services function and a perceived lack of control over their data and applications. The complexity of cloud computing can seem daunting, creating a lack of confidence to adopt a cloud strategy. This can cause SMBs to miss out on the cost benefits, flexibility, and security that the cloud provides:

  • The cloud creates predictable and efficient IT expenses
  • The cloud provides “anytime, anywhere” access to network resources from any desktop, laptop or mobile device
  • The cloud gives you virtually unlimited capacity for compute, storage and backups

Don’t hold back on cloud initiatives with unsubstantiated security worries

Historically, security concerns have been a roadblock to cloud adoption. In a world where cyberattacks dominate the headlines, the uncertainty that surrounds cloud computing can create reservations about security of data in the cloud. Truth be told, data stored in the cloud is more secure than on-premises data. In fact, Gartner estimates that public cloud workloads will experience 60 percent fewer security incidents than on-premises workloads through 2020.

Ancero’s cloud computing solutions brings the power of the cloud to the SMB

We believe small and medium sized businesses should be able to harness the power of the cloud just as easily, efficiently and securely as the Enterprise. That’s why, as a cloud computing company, we created Ancero Cloud Workspace Solutions.

Cloud Workspace is not one cloud computing solution – it’s many. Ancero’s advanced knowledge of Microsoft cloud services, combined with our certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider designation, led us to develop these highly secure solutions within the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud. Cloud Workspace is designed to simplify and secure the process of transitioning your existing data, applications, and devices to the cloud.

Cloud migration is a very customized process. It’s a different journey for every organization. We craft cloud solutions that are distinct to each business to meet their individual goals and budget. Whether you need a pure cloud environment, migration to O365, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or a hybrid solution, our 20 years of industry experience gives our customers the confidence to embrace cloud solutions.

Cloud convenience, all the ease of use benefits the cloud is known for

  • Straightforward use and consistent experience on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, regardless of location
  • Simplified end user navigation and management of credentials with Azure Active Directory single sign-on, one identity to access thousands of SaaS and on-premises applications
  • Flexibility to scale quickly & effortlessly, add additional resources to the cloud desktop rather than upgrading equipment
  • Pay a monthly fee for the services and resources you need, shift IT budgets from a capital expenditures to operational expenditures

Cloud Computing Solution, built in security with total control

Hardened security technology  gives you the confidence that your applications, files, and desktops are protected and available when you need them. You control who is authorized to access your cloud resources, so you don’t have to worry about employees downloading potentially harmful software or exposing your network to web-based threats. Cloud Workspace also supports BYOD by enforcing security policies across all user end points and devices.

Your data is stored and backed up in the geo-redundant Microsoft Azure cloud environments. But data placed in the cloud must be managed by precise security configurations, only a cloud solution provider can ensure this is done properly. Ancero’s SOC2 Type II certification, combined with Azure’s strict regulations, ensures your data will be protected according to the most exacting compliance standards.

We work collaboratively with you to designate what portions – how little or how much – of your systems are locked down to securely control access to data. For instance, you could employ security controls so that no data is stored locally on user devices. Require multi-factor authentication (2FA) for your access to Ancero Cloud Workspace, as well as access to your critical applications. These controls avoid costly data loss caused by lost or stolen devices.

Lighten the load, rely on Ancero support

Bundled into Cloud Workspace is our award-winning managed IT services, removing a significant management burden from your plate. Ancero handles all the necessary IT management roles:

  • endpoint management
  • resource provisioning
  • load balancing
  • network issues
  • data protection
  • patch management
  • software updates

And we all know Microsoft license selection and management can be complicated and time consuming. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Ancero takes care of the license selection, billing and ongoing management for you. All your licensing, storage and cloud workspace usage is on one easy to understand monthly bill – and you don’t have to deal directly with Microsoft!

Reminder: Still using the Windows 7 operating system or a Windows 2008 Server? Microsoft support ended in January of 2020. This is the perfect opportunity to move all or some of your workloads to the cloud and avoid the risk and vulnerabilities that come with using unsupported products. Contact us to discuss your migration plan.

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