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Four Reasons Why You Need Voice to Text

Four Reasons Why You Need Voice to TextVoice to Text

We’ve added Voice to Text transcription to our Utility VoIP service! Reading messages instead of listening saves time and avoids noisy distraction. With at-a-glance convenience you can efficiently hone in on specific transcribed messages to find exactly the information you need.

What is Voice to Text?

As the name suggests, a Voice to Text solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to transcribe spoken words into written text automatically. Utility VoIP’s Voice to Text solution currently allows end users to have voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to them via email, SMS, or the Utility VoIP Mobile App. The solution leverages Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities to ensure maximum accuracy and quality of transcriptions. English language transcription is now available, and Spanish language transcription is coming soon.

Why do you need Voice to Text?

Businesses benefit from a Voice to Text solution because it can substantially boost productivity. Let’s face it; employee productivity is not what it used to be. Employees spend much of their time on phone calls, listening to voicemails, reading emails, and participating in meetings. These combined activities often leave workers little time to do the actual work they were hired to do. However, with Voice to Text, employees can prioritize transcribed messages, addressing less important messages later and skipping unwanted messages altogether.

1. Convenience

Most professionals spend a significant amount of time in meetings where it’s not convenient to answer the phone or listen to voicemail. However, with Voice to Text, users can simply read each transcribed message to determine if the call is urgent and requires immediate attention.

The same principle applies to employees who are out of the office. Most people, whether they are out of the office on business or on vacation, would rather prioritize the calls they tend to in order to best support their schedule. If the call is important enough to leave a voicemail, a transcribed message of that voicemail is automatically sent. Users can review transcribed voice messages at a time and place that’s most convenient, and can quickly hone in on specific messages. Voice to Text is ideal for busy professionals who can’t be accessible at a moment’s notice, are often in meetings, or in an environment where it’s not feasible to listen to messages in sequential order.

2. Save Time

Navigating voicemail menus and listening to voicemails in order is a thing of the past. Busy professionals don’t have time to listen to every voicemail, and with Voice to Text, they can skip the voice messages they’re not interested in reading. Considering the growth in robocall voicemail spam problems, the ability to skip voicemail messages is a crucial phone system feature.

In addition, professionals who receive dozens of voicemails every day should not have to listen to all their voicemails again if they forget which callbacks are the most important. With Voice to Text, users can receive messages via email, SMS, or mobile app, and read the transcribed voicemails to refresh their memory. They don’t have to waste time listening to voicemails again and again.

3. Quickly Find Information & Prioritize Messages

Users can efficiently hone in on specific transcribed messages to find exactly the information they need – from contact information, to payment details, to an address for their next meeting. With Voice to Text, users don’t have to listen to every voicemail to capture specific information.

Voice to Text offers a practical, at-a-glance way to keep up with the messages that need attention. Users can quickly scan transcribed messages and address messages based on importance or time sensitivity. When it comes to personal calls, people often choose to return the call instead of listening to a voicemail first. However, it is important to listen to voicemails for business. Voice to Text allows users to find out what a business call was about without having to call their voicemail. Users can quickly decide if they must take immediate action or can respond at a later time.

4. Easily Accessible

Users can access transcribed voicemails on the go and on various devices via email, SMS, or the Utility VoIP Mobile App (available for iOS and Android). The initial offering of the Utility VoIP Voice to Text solution includes automatic transcription of voicemail. However, in the coming months, additional services will be added to the solution.

New to Utility VoIP? If you’d like to learn more about our award-winning, business class Voice over IP cloud phone system and it’s powerful communications platform contact our Sales team for your free consultation.  How do you seamlessly transfer an old system to a cloud based, fully digital solution? Read more…

Ready to add Voice to Text to your Utility VoIP phone service? For current customers call or email our Client Services Team to get started. The addition of the Voice to Text feature may require a free upgrade to your software and firmware. 

Contact Client Services at 856.210.5800 or clientcare@


Moving? A few things to consider……

Moving? A few things to consider……Office decommissioning

Technology is at the core of your business. It is essential that your IT move is done right the first time minimizing the disruption to the ongoing operation of your business. Your IT staff or VoIP service provider needs to be an integral part of your relocation team to ensure there is little to no downtime for your business.

Moving to a new office is the perfect time to upgrade your communications systems or refresh old technology. While your new location is being built out or renovated it is the ideal time to install a new technology infrastructure. All the necessary cabling, electrical and wireless foundations can be laid to ensure your technology investment functions at it’s best.

Don’t forget what you’re leaving behind. Planning for a move also requires consideration about the condition you leave your former office, or rightly called ‘office decommissioning’. Without a thoughtful process this could be an unintended major expense. Shawn O’Neil of Argosy Management Group, a leader in office relocation, warns not to overlook your old office space. “Neglecting to properly decommission the old office space leaves you exposed to unnecessary costs. The majority of commercial leases contain very specific requirements as to how the old space needs to be turned back over to the landlord. If not, it’s your deposit that hangs in the balance. The removal of unwanted furniture can be an expensive undertaking.”

So how do you dispose of old office furniture, equipment and technology when you move? Thankfully, finding a good way to dispose of old furniture, phones and computers doesn’t have to be such a headache. In fact, there are some pretty good ways to make disposal easy and sometimes work to the advantage of others.

The first step prior to a commercial move is making a comprehensive inventory of what you’ve got and what you don’t want to take with you. Secondly, assess the condition of the furniture and equipment. Is the furniture is able to be broken down and assembled again without issue? Is the equipment in good working order? If yes, then it could be re-sold. Be sure to notate in your inventory list the condition of the items. The more accurate your inventory, the easier the disposal process will be.

Here are a few suggestions for furniture disposal:
• Offer the option to your employees to buy the furniture
• Re-sell to a used furniture store
• Contact the vendor you purchased from, they might buy it back
• Donate to a charity (Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army, your local church may need furniture for their offices, etc)
• 1-800-Junk is an option but you will have to pay a fee for removal
If you take advantage of moving as an optimal time for a technology upgrade, utilizing modern technologies will give you a competitive edge and empower business growth. So what can you do with the electronic waste left behind?

Every computer dumped into a landfill represents a missed opportunity to provide technology and tools to individuals and organizations across the digital divide. Ancero partners with The Trenton Digital Initiative – a nonprofit program working to help economically challenged Trenton families gain affordable access to the internet. TDI reconditions, repurposes, and then distributes donated computers to these families for free, as well as providing low-cost, high-speed Comcast Internet service. Ancero serves as an equipment drop off location at 1001 Briggs Road, Suite 220, Mount Laurel, NJ between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Very old or broken hardware should go to end-of-life recycling, meaning responsible destruction that’s safe for the environment. A computer recycler is a business or organization that salvages useful computer parts before breaking down what’s left, safely removing hazardous materials in the process. Always remember to wipe any sensitive information from any hardware before you turn it over for recycling.

For listings of recycle drop off locations in your area visit these resources:
NJ State eWaste recycle centers
PA State Electronics Collection programs

Of course, if you donate furniture or technology you’re eligible for a tax write-off so you can still end up with some financial gain in the end along with the knowledge that you are helpings others!

Don’t pay to move an aging phone system or outdated technology when Ancero has helped hundreds of clients to cost effectively modernize their business phone systems and IT infrastructure with options that don’t require an initial capital outlay for the hardware! Moving is complicated and stressful. Entrusting Ancero, a full service IT company, with your IT infrastructure and communication needs gives you one less thing to worry about. Getting you back to business faster, with minimal downtime.


Introducing the Utility VoIP Mobile App

Introducing the Utility VoIP Mobile App

Utility VoIP Mobile App

Flexibility like never before…..

With the new Utility VoIP Mobile App you can now utilize virtually an unlimited combination of IP desk phones and seamlessly integrate call flow with your wireless technologies.

Never Miss an Important Business Call
Clients and work associates can easily reach busy employees anytime through one business number that will automatically ring their mobile app. Eliminating the necessity to track down employees on multiple numbers, Utility VoIP’s Mobile App improves and streamlines communications, and seamlessly connects a distributed and fast-moving workforce. Gain the latest communication tools for your staff to never miss a business opportunity.

Protect Your Businesses
You want to ensure business and client calls are always routed to your business versus an individual’s mobile number who may or may not stay with you long-term. By having calls directed right to an employee’s smartphone without revealing any of their personal information, the business always stays at the forefront. Utility VoIP’s Mobile App also makes it easier and more flexible for “bring your own device” (BYOD) work environments.

Invest in Your Communications
Not only can employees make and receive calls placed to their business phone number via their mobile device, they can leverage important communication features, such as:

  • One click to join conference calls
  • Extension dialing to co-workers
  • Corporate and personal phone directories at your fingertips
  • Listen to and manage voicemail
  • View recent calls
  • Manage virtual attendant setting

Virtual Attendant
Add an additional layer of mobility management with Utility VoIP’s Virtual Attendant. Manage your business virtually to ensure that calls are routed correctly any time, anywhere. Having your business phone system seamlessly integrated with mobile devices allows you to manage how calls are routed during business hours as well as after hours. This can be particularly critical during inclement weather, for example, when no one is physically in the office to answer the phones. With Virtual Attendant, you won’t miss any business calls and can ensure a high quality experience for both customers and prospective customers.

Ancero proudly introduces this new innovation that expands the functionality of our Utility VoIP system to include a mobile workforce. The mobile app works with both existing and new Utility VoIP phone systems. Now your communications investment can extend all the benefits and features of your phone system to your team’s mobile devices! Ready to transform your communications? Call 855.200.VOIP to setup your free evaluation and receive a customized quote detailing the benefits of utilizing our innovative products and services.

VoIP is not immune to security threats

VoIP is not immune to security threats

VoIP securityThe many benefits of switching to a VoIP system from traditional telephony are why it has become widely adopted by businesses everywhere. But since most businesses view the switch to VoIP as just an upgrade to their phone system, the importance of VoIP security rarely crosses their mind. VoIP’s technology has inherent vulnerabilities that can pose a risk, but with the right security measures set in place, VoIP can be secured to prevent attacks or misuse of services. Security specifically for VoIP communications can be examined in three important parts:

What do you need to protect?

  • Keep your VoIP service running continuously, without disruptions or downtime
  • Protect sensitive customer information and business data, including call transcripts and transaction records
  • Prevent unauthorized users from making calls, and gaining access to your network
  • A secure VoIP system will help your business maintain compliancy standards

Who are you protecting against? Understanding where threats may come from and the motivations behind the attacks is critical. The main threats generally come in three forms:

Toll Fraud: A person or organization that wants access to VoIP services can piggyback on your system to gain free international or long-distance calls and data transmissions.

DoS attacks: Denial of Service attacks, organized assaults on a VoIP system are initiated to gain access to confidential information, along with telephone numbers, IP addresses, etc. This sensitive data can then be sold to competitors, or used to redirect calls for other purposes. DoS attacks are not always financially motivated. Sometimes the intent is simply to disrupt or shut down a network and may have been initiated by a disgruntled ex-employee or a sneaky competitor.

SIPVicious attacks: SIPVicious in its benign form is a developer tool used to audit the state of your SIP network. But the tool can be corrupted for bad intentions and used to gain access to a network or shut down systems, crippling your business.
What security measures are needed? VoIP security measures are not that different from data network security and layered steps work best.

Encryption – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are the standards for data encryption. These measures encrypt or scramble information so that it cannot be easily deciphered if the data transmission is intercepted.

VLAN – A VLAN segregates broadcast domains between networks. Because it separates voice and data, you can apply different security measures to your voice and data packets while improving the performance of your VoIP system. A VLAN is a good security measure for remote phones that connect to the business network.

Network security – It is just as important that your business network infrastructure is secured with firewalls, antivirus, gateway protection, end point security measures. Software patches and updates should be run regularly to keep systems up to date and eliminate vulnerabilities. To prevent outages and downtime, a redundant power supply, backup servers and regular data backups should be built into your VoIP network.

User Security – Educating the user is vital to preventing human error. Employees must use strong voicemail passwords, be educated about threats and how their actions can either help or hurt security. Employers must set and enforce security policies. For instance, applying a pin code for international calling is a common security measure to prevent unauthorized international calling. If a business is lax with precautions, they may not even know when a breach has occurred until after the damage has been done.

Businesses shouldn’t shy away from a VoIP phone system due to security concerns. The benefits far outweigh the risks! Just as with any technology, when you take the necessary steps to ensure that your system remains secure, risk becomes greatly minimized. Many of the VoIP systems available today include robust security protocols as part of their offerings. Be sure to inquire with a VoIP service provider about built in security options if you are planning a move to VoIP.

Take a look at Ancero’s Utility VoIP cloud based phone system. Our award winning Managed Communications services can help you plan a communications strategy perfect for your business needs.

Don’t Just Upgrade – Transform Your Communications

Don’t Just Upgrade – Transform Your Communications

Utility VoIPDigital transformation is the use of technology to create better customer experiences, improve service, and increase the effectiveness of business operations. No single technology helps meets these goals more than your phone system. But more often than not, it’s the last item on the digital investment list. So how do you seamlessly transfer an old system to a cloud based, fully digital solution?

Utility VoIP is the modern version of the traditional telephone closet. The new hosted, or “cloud,” model puts the brains of your phone closet into professionally maintained data centers, helping businesses to transform their communications and improve productivity—without the need to purchase expensive, complex, depreciating phone system software and hardware. Ancero monitors your system 24×7, ensuring consistent quality of service for every call. Utility VoIP phone services are accessible through a high quality broadband connection and are typically more cost effective and scalable than traditional alternatives. With your Utility VoIP cloud phone system, you and your team can utilize the digital mobility benefits of your company’s communication solution to ensure availability and productivity when working remotely:

  •  Voicemails are transcribed to text and sent to the users email
  •  Extension dialing to co-workers improves collaboration
  •  Remote call routing allows you to work anywhere
  •  Maintain privacy and return calls from a mobile device which will appear as the office phone extension to customers

Your cloud phone system is also disaster ready. With traditional telecom, when your system goes down you will no longer receive calls. Utility VoIP eliminates that issue by putting your PBX in the cloud. And by “Call Forwarding” your published numbers to assigned numbers in the cloud, we can emulate your existing Auto Attendant allowing you to run seamlessly in the event of a calamity. You’ll carry on business as normal with minimal disruption and downtime.

We carefully listen to your needs and create a solution customized for you from the ground up. Our process starts with a readiness check, grooming of the network to support VoIP and carrier upgrades for optimal bandwidth. We even include onsite training for your staff so they can seamlessly transition to the new system. We take the time to set up your VoIP the right way with zero downtime so you can get back to business.

Why do we say ‘Engineered to be better’? Because that’s who we are – engineers. We have more than 20 years experience in the IT industry. Our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center is staffed with highly trained, certified engineers who provide unbeatable support. We don’t just sell VoIP technology, we engineer it. You will finally have a state-of-the-art phone system that is flexible, scalable, and customized to your needs. With cost efficiencies that will save you on hardware, software and even energy consumption. Ready to transform your communications? Call 855.200.VOIP to setup your free evaluation and receive a customized quote detailing the benefits of utilizing our innovative products and services.

Client Testimonial: Healthcare Market Research Firm

Client Testimonial: Healthcare Market Research Firm

Client TestimonialsA Healthcare Market Research Firm selected Ancero’s Utility VoIP to upgrade their communications and immediately experienced a new sense of unity for their multi-location firm. This client is a leader in Market Access Intelligence and Research for Pharmaceutical and Biotech firms. Read about their experience, how they rate Utility VoIP and the valuable benefits they’ve received from their new cloud phone system.

Client Testimonial: Healthcare Market Research Firm

A Communications Upgrade Ideal for Municipalities

A Communications Upgrade Ideal for Municipalities

Communications Upgrade for MunicipalitiesThe process of implementing a new technology solution for a Municipality is sometimes not easy. Ancero’s Utility VoIP solution ensures that goals are met with thorough planning, expert implementation and ongoing support. Utility VoIP’s ease of use enables the Municipality to harness modern technology to it’s greatest potential not only to increase communications and productivity but by eliminating the past burden of an aging telephony structure dependent on costly maintenance and upgrades. And the cost savings are pretty good too!

Forget the capital expense associated with buying a new phone system. There is no need to sacrifice options, service or support. Utility VoIP delivers a robust feature set with the flexibility a Municipality demands.

  •  Reduce operating expenses with one convenient monthly fee all inclusive of the latest VoIP features
  •  Connect multiple locations and remote users all on one system with seamless communications
  •  Superior call quality improves communications and productivity
  •  Secure, data gathering capabilities with detailed reporting features
  •  Flexible and scalable to continually modernize your technology with no upfront capital expense or costly maintenance
  •  24x7x365 support from the area’s leading IT provider

Municipalities that have chosen Ancero’s Utility VoIP solution have reported that the technological advantages of the system have provided for seamless and efficient interdepartmental communication as well as an increase in the quality of calls between the municipality offices and external callers. Also, the ability to have voicemails transferred to council members’ and patrolmen’s mailboxes and streamlined call flow are both wonderful additions.

Why do we say Engineered to be better? Because that’s who we are – engineers. Ancero has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. We carefully listen to your needs and create a solution customized for you from the ground up. Our process starts with a readiness check, grooming of the network to support VoIP and carrier upgrades for optimal bandwidth. We take the time to set up your VoIP the right way. We include training on your new system and 24×7 support whenever you need it.

How has one Municipality made the switch? Read the case study HERE and then call us at 855-200-VOIP for your free evaluation.

Why Do We Call Utility VoIP a Cloud Phone System?

Why Do We Call Utility VoIP a Cloud Phone System?

man with mega phoneWhen you hear the terms – Hosted PBX or Cloud VoIP – it simply means that there is no physical system that needs to be installed (or confined) at your location. The entire phone system is available over your network via the internet (i.e. the Cloud), which enables mobility features so that no matter where an employee is, if they have internet connectivity they can be reached via the office network. It’s a cloud based, virtual telephone system, completely flexible to your needs.

But VoIP is so much more than an Internet phone system. Without any hardware installed in your business – except of course for the desk phones – you still have all the features and benefits of a traditional phone system, plus many more. Call queues, call transfers, auto attendants, voicemail to email, conference bridge, administrative portal, unified communications, mobility and coming soon a new app!

A cloud hosted VoIP phone system (or Hosted PBX) is an ideal solution for businesses with a mobile workforce and/or multiple locations. The VoIP system creates the ability for dispersed employees to work under a single umbrella, reducing resources on your company, improving productivity and reducing telecom expenses.

Move to a modern phone system and keep pace with the way business is conducted today. Want to learn more? Watch our video ‘Why Use Ancero for VoIP’ and then call us at 855-200-VOIP!

An Aging Phone System Could Be Putting Your Business on Hold

An Aging Phone System Could Be Putting Your Business on Hold

Aging phone SystemAn old phone system hampers productivity and frustrates customers.  For small and midsize businesses, modern technology can make the difference in driving your company ahead. Cloud based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a new breed of phone system that eliminates complex, expensive PBX hardware and software.

Here are five reasons your old phone system needs to go:

  1. Your customers get frustrated and will take their business elsewhere if outdated technology hinders customer expectations. The modern functionality of VoIP boosts productivity and improves customer satisfaction.
  2. Mobility. You can’t take that desk phone with you and you may not want to give out your cell phone number. With VoIP’s Find Me/Follow Me feature and call forwarding you can be on the go and never miss a call.
  3. Your legacy phone system is sucking up dollars. VoIP can reduce your current monthly spend by an average of 30%. Reducing operating expenses and freeing up dollars to invest in other initiatives.
  4. Nothing makes you look more un-professional then dropped, missed and unreturned phone calls. The digital technology of VoIP improves reliability, speed and voice quality. With advanced calling features, you can attend to client’s needs quickly.
  5.  Moving? Growing? Don’t pay a fortune to move that old phone closet. Moving is the perfect time to upgrade to VoIP. Your new phone system will easily scale and evolve with your growth and business needs.

Old technology can give the appearance that you aren’t willing to invest in your business and when you don’t innovate it can degrade your customer’s confidence in you. Modern technology enhances your reliability, productivity and boosts your professional image. Upgrading to VoIP will improve your communications, increase productivity and change how you do business – a change your customers will appreciate!

The Productivity Powerhouse of VoIP and UC

The Productivity Powerhouse of VoIP and UC

VoIP and UC
When it comes to compatibility in life some things are just meant to be together; peanut butter and jelly, ying and yang, pen and paper, and now VoIP and Unified Communications. Their components and functionalities uniquely unify them, and together they provide a productivity powerhouse for business.

First came VoIP, and even 15 years ago the big names were clamoring to develop VoIP products and services. They knew then VoIP was the future of communications. VoIP standards, technologies and equipment have all evolved tremendously since then. Today you don’t have to convince businesses to switch, it’s a matter of how and when they will adopt VoIP.

As VoIP was evolving and growing so to were other forms of communication; instant messaging, email, mobility, video conferencing, data sharing, text messaging, just to name a few. Unified Communications developed due to a desire to communicate seamlessly via all these communication components. Unified Communications, or UC for short, refers to an integrated set of solutions that deliver a range of communications capabilities in a single interface, facilitating all types of communication.

So what is it that makes these two technologies inseparable? VoIP is not the same as UC, and in reality is only a portion of the UC picture, but they are unified by communications via the internet. Although most modern VoIP systems include so much functionality that they are now true UC solutions in and of themselves. They remain inseparable truly because businesses demand what both VoIP and UC solutions have to offer. And why wouldn’t they? The benefits are very attractive; customized integrations with software, massive amount of features, flexibility, scalability and reduced costs. The dramatic increase of mobile and remote workers is a driving factor. Moving away from traditional desktop technology to Unified Communications and VoIP solutions helps companies empower a more mobile workforce, while retaining productivity. Commonplace stumbling blocks that used to prohibit remote productivity such as poor face-to-face communications, collaborating with colleagues in real time, access to network data and not being able to make phone calls from their computers, are easily solved with the latest innovations in communications and collaboration technology.

When it comes to actual functionality of UC, what are businesses really looking for in their solutions? In their recent study Benefits of Unified Communications Integrations, Software Advice examines what are the most common communications functionality UC integrations enable. They surveyed organizations similar to Ancero, who integrate VoIP with other business applications. According to their data, top integrated UC tools were Screen pops and Cick-to-Call.

Case Studies: Top Functionality Added via UC Integrations

Their research also reveals that integrating a UC solution should be conducted by a skilled IT provider. “Only 14 percent of organizations sampled look solely to in-house IT personnel in order to customize and integrate their systems. These findings suggest that businesses will need a capable IT team with bandwidth for major strategic projects if they want to perform an integration themselves.” Cited the study. But most small to mid-sized businesses do not have the in-house IT team to build out a customized UC solution. Adding voice and UC traffic to your data network can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your network. Voice traffic must be given a higher priority on the network than data traffic since VoIP serves as the IP backbone for UC collaboration systems. Businesses need to make sure their network can handle the addition smoothly and efficiently. VoIP monitoring is also a key component to ensure the quality of service, performance, and user experience in the UC environment. A full service IT provider like Ancero, is able to conduct a VoIP readiness check; a full assessment of the cable plant, bandwidth and core infrastructure and will design and implement any necessary changes to the network to prepare it for a successful UC integration.

A full featured VoIP solution like Ancero’s Utility VoIP includes the top Unified Communication tools that businesses want combined with a dynamic and robust VoIP phone system.

  • Click-to-Call – seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook
  • Operator Panel – enhanced switchboard with dynamic views into an organizations internal communications
  • Call Center Reporting Suite – set of tools to quantify the performance of inbound call centers
  • Enterprise Instant Messaging – secure, internal real time communications

It has all the functionality of UC within one solution that can easily integrate with office productivity software. Thus eliminating disparate systems, streamlining operations and enhancing communications. A cost-effective, full featured solution, with end-to-end VoIP monitoring, perfect for small to mid-sized businesses ready to reap the benefits of a UC and VoIP union.

Free Birds – Keep Mobile Workers Connected to the Flock

Free Birds – Keep Mobile Workers Connected to the Flock

Moving away from traditional desktop technology to Unified Communications and VoIP solutions helps companies empower a more mobile workforce, while retaining productivity. A growing number of small to midsize businesses are embracing a remote worker model for positions where it makes sense. Not surprisingly, the number one reason employees enjoy working remotely is to avoid a commute. This trend is becoming commonplace as the technology rapidly advances to support remote or mobile workers. The adoption of mobile devices started the revolution, but a true mobile or remote employee needs full functionality to be productive, they can’t rely on a cell phone or tablet. The internet has provided the freedom and flexibility to work any where, and success is being defined differently. Being tied to a desk is now a productivity killer, not a productivity driver. Commonplace stumbling blocks that used to prohibit remote productivity such as poor face-to-face communications, collaborating with colleagues in real time, access to network data and not being able to make phone calls from their computers, are easily solved with the latest innovations in communications and collaboration technology.

A mobile or remote worker must be communications-centric, voice is still king of communications. It is an essential element for the mobile worker to build business and enhance customer relations, especially across the miles. But voice alone is not enough, if that were the case an employee could rely solely on their cell phone. Only VoIP modernizes business by integrating voice with everything else. Jon Arnold, an independent telecom analyst explains it this way, “VoIP is not telephony-centric, but is equally focused on providing real-time communications. With VoIP, you get just as much real-time voice as before, but with a richer communications environment that speaks to the needs of remote workers. VoIP frees employees from their desks.”

Now combine VoIP with Unified Communications and it arms the remote worker with all the functionality they need without sacrificing any of their professionalism, productivity or job satisfaction. Unified Communications, or UC for short, refers to an integrated set of solutions that deliver a range of communications capabilities in a single interface. Although UC has been around for a decade, many still do not fully understand its role and how it benefits businesses. Melanie Turek, Vice President, Research, Frost & Sullivan eloquently defines it for us. “The idea is to allow users one-click access to voice, web and video communications—as well as presence information, email, chat and messaging capabilities. With UC, it should be simple for users to start a peer-to-peer voice call, then invite others to join the conversation with a single mouse click; launch a web conference and move into a video call as the need arises; see whether colleagues are available for a call, chat or email; and receive emails, texts and voice mails in a single message stream. Done correctly, unified communications can deliver significant benefits for users and their employers, including faster access to the right people and information at the right time; support for remote and mobile employees; the creation of flat organizations that encourage innovation and collaboration; better decision making; streamlined business processes; and, ultimately faster times-to-market that positively impact the bottom line.”

Remote and mobile work opens up new, efficient and cost saving possibilities for both employees and employers. Modern technology makes it a reality and offers the ability for employees to stay frequently connected and improve the rate of information exchange, thus putting the tools for success literally in their hands not at a desk.

Why Ancero Utility VoIP?

Why Ancero Utility VoIP?

You are already familiar with the many benefits of a Voice Over IP phone system and have decided it’s the right choice for your business. But how do you make the switch? The first step is to choose a provider and as far we’re concerned, there’s only one who gives you the complete VoIP solution.

Ancero is a full service, Communications Solution Provider, we aren’t just a reseller. We are there for you for everything you need in a complete VoIP solution. From installing your new system, to comprehensive on-site training for your staff, to providing world class service. We design, install, train AND support.

At Ancero, we’ve worked hard to engineer a better voice solution. We carefully listen to your needs and create a solution customized for you from the ground up. Our process starts with a readiness check, grooming of the network to support VoIP and carrier upgrades for optimal bandwidth. We take the time to set up your VoIP the right way.

Our superior technology means reduced downtime for you and monitoring for consistent call quality. And our flexible services are all-inclusive: Voicemail, Call Routing, Caller ID, Remote Office mobility- even down to the hold music or messages. It’s all there, and there’s no additional cost for adding new features. Ancero’s Utility VoIP even gives you your own portal to manage day to day activity and on the fly changes. It’s everything your business needs for improved communications and productivity, all for one manageable monthly fee. And you’ll have the ability to minimize or eliminate the costly, up-front expenses associated with other solutions.

Why do we say Engineered to be better? Because that’s who we are – engineers. Ancero has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. Our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center is staffed with highly trained, certified engineers who provide unbeatable support.  We don’t just sell VoIP technology, we engineer it. You will finally have a state-of-the-art phone system that is flexible, scalable, and customized to your needs. With cost efficiencies that will save you on hardware, software and even energy consumption.

“We chose Ancero’s Utility VoIP for the features and flexibility of the system. The sales and service team carefully listened to us and outlined a plan to help meet our needs.  Utility VoIP has improved our customer service on many levels; directing calls to the right department and the right people in a more timely fashion and the find-me follow-me and voicemail to email features also have enabled staff to respond to customer calls and requests much quicker than before.” Rob Gross, CFO Grounds For Sculpture

Need to know more? Watch our ‘Why Ancero Utility VoIP’ video HERE.

You Can’t Beat the Facts

Top Ten VoIP Facts that will have you asking – Why haven’t I switched to VoIP yet?

You Can’t Beat the Facts10. Customer Support – Ancero offers 24/7 support for all VoIP needs, eliminating the need for a technician’s visit the majority of the time.

9. Operator panel – Web-based portal allows supervisors and users to adjust and manage their system online.

8. Get out of the Closet – Eliminate complex PBX hardware & software housed in that old phone closet.

7. Easy Install – VoIP phone systems are programed at Ancero and brought to your location ready to go. It’s as simple as plugging them in!

6. It’s Portable – Need to work from home? Unplug your VoIP phone and take it with you, if you have internet access you can login to your phone wherever you are.

5. Features – It’s all in the details like Auto-Attendents, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Music on Hold, Ring Groups, Conference Calling and more.

4. Flexibility – VoIP is flexible to meet the needs of all business sizes, it’s scalable to grow with you and provides fault tolerance for your business class phone system.

3. Cloud Continuity – VoIP provides fault tolerance for your business class phone system by putting your PBX in the Cloud, eliminating downtime if a disaster strikes. Route calls to mobile devices, branch locations or take the phones with you to keep your business running if an unplanned event keeps you from your office.

2. Cloud OR Premise – We offer both Cloud and On-Premise PBX server plans to fit your needs.

1. COST SAVINGS! You can’t beat this fact – 100% of our VoIP customers experienced an average 30% reduction in cost when switching to Ancero Utility VoIP.