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Avoid Downtime From Unpredictable Winter Weather

Avoid Downtime From Unpredictable Winter Weather

Snowy StreetWill your infrastructure allow your employees to work from home during unpredictable winter weather?

Here in the Northeast corner of the US, bad winter weather is inevitable. But there’s no reason your business has to grind to a halt during a storm. There are several technologies that enable work from home for you and your team, keeping you up and running when disaster strikes.

Stay productive

VPN (Virtual Private Network) remote access allows employees to use company data, apps and resources as if they were in the office. It’s a scalable, cost-effective solution that enables work from home functionality when needed. When utilizing a VPN remote access, security is paramount. Ancero configures VPN solutions to include security at all levels, physical to logical, to help safeguard your network and sensitive data. A key component of proper VPN security is ensuring end users adhere to the security measures put in place.

Stay connected

  • Keep communications going with the cloud based Utility VoIP phone system. Modern features allow the flexibility to work from home without skipping a beat!
  • VoIP provides fault tolerance for your business class phone system by putting your PBX in the Cloud, eliminating downtime if a disaster strikes.
  • Modern features ensure communications stay open if an unplanned event keeps you from the office. Route calls to mobile devices, branch locations or take the phones home with you to keep your business running. Fax to Email, Voicemail to Email and Instant Messaging allow you to stay on top of daily business.
  • Web-based portal allows supervisors and users to adjust and manage their system online and from home. Making any necessary changes to adjust for the inclement weather.
  • Ancero offers 24/7/365 support for all VoIP needs during a storm or unplanned event.

Stay protected

In the case of extreme weather, you need to go one step further to protect data with a thorough Disaster Recovery plan. It’s one thing to provide work from home opportunities but if a blizzard, ice storm or other disaster takes down critical infrastructure there is the potential to loose sensitive business data that could cripple your organization. With a disaster recovery plan businesses are assured of automated backup verification, reduced downtime, continuous protection, secured storage, fast recovery, and more. Ancero’s Disaster Planning not only assesses your physical IT needs, but begins with a high-level design phase that assists in determining your continuity objectives. We use these goals to implement solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

Our team of skilled engineers can ensure you have an adequate infrastructure to keep your business running & maintain employee productivity even when bad weather strikes.