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Ancero Case Study – Healthcare Treatment Centers

Ancero Multi-Solution Case Study for Healthcare Treatment Centers

The customer referred to herein as ‘Healthcare Treatment  Centers’ provides comprehensive dialysis access maintenance, fistula maturation procedures, vessel mapping, complete catheter services and associated medical services. The company has experienced significant growth over recent years and now has offices in dozens of states.

As a medical organization, this customer requires proactive IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, depending upon when patients need care.  This customer is also subject to significant security and compliance standards due to HIPAA and PCI regulations for client health data and payment information. As the customer grew, it depended upon Ancero to integrate its IT infrastructure with both existing and newly acquired offices.  This included installing and managing its VoIP based business phone service, securing all of its data and implementing a disaster recovery plan.


Healthcare Treatment Centers has several of its offices in New Jersey, dispersed throughout the state. The effects of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey in 2012 were severe, with economic losses to businesses of up to $30 billion.  Many companies did not have disaster preparedness or disaster relief plans in place, which put their information and technology systems at high risk. It is imperative for businesses to have back-up plans with quick, real-time recovery.

Healthcare Treatment Centers utilizes Ancero’s Managed Services, Utility VoIP, Private Cloud and Professional services.  Ancero moved the organization to a co-location facility (TierPoint data center) with a full disaster recovery plan and a backup solution that provides quick, real-time recovery of data as needed, also referred to as Private Cloud services.  The backup plan included collating data at the TierPoint Data center, which proved to be an integral part of the organization’s survival during Hurricane Sandy.  HIPAA implementations include complex passwords for sign-on to the customer’s network, security codes on mobile devices and automatically timed logoffs from Citrix for any workstations left idle.

Ancero provided office infrastructure build out, Utility VoIP telecommunication systems and IT support for all new locations with 24/7/365 capability, all within a state-of-the-art facility using the organization’s own equipment. Ancero also implemented a data clearinghouse with a log of all data breaches or attempts.

Since implementing Ancero’s Utility VoIP hosted phone solution, Healthcare Treatment Centers has enjoyed growth — nearly doubling in size — and drastically reduced their downtime caused by outdated telecommunication technology.  There is accessibility to all office locations with internal four-digit dial, which has been associated with improved internal communication and productivity.  Data recovery and collation also were key components to surviving Hurricane Sandy.  Additionally, hardware costs dropped and there are fewer recurring expenses.  After being consolidated into Ancero Utility VoIP, savings are approximately 50 percent.

If your organization needs to utilize new technologies for increased productivity, meet compliancy standards, protect sensitive data and take advantage of real cost savings contact Ancero and our experienced team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

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