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An Aging Phone System Could Be Putting Your Business on Hold

An Aging Phone System Could Be Putting Your Business on Hold

Aging phone SystemAn old phone system hampers productivity and frustrates customers.  For small and midsize businesses, modern technology can make the difference in driving your company ahead. Cloud based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a new breed of phone system that eliminates complex, expensive PBX hardware and software.

Here are five reasons your old phone system needs to go:

  1. Your customers get frustrated and will take their business elsewhere if outdated technology hinders customer expectations. The modern functionality of VoIP boosts productivity and improves customer satisfaction.
  2. Mobility. You can’t take that desk phone with you and you may not want to give out your cell phone number. With VoIP’s Find Me/Follow Me feature and call forwarding you can be on the go and never miss a call.
  3. Your legacy phone system is sucking up dollars. VoIP can reduce your current monthly spend by an average of 30%. Reducing operating expenses and freeing up dollars to invest in other initiatives.
  4. Nothing makes you look more un-professional then dropped, missed and unreturned phone calls. The digital technology of VoIP improves reliability, speed and voice quality. With advanced calling features, you can attend to client’s needs quickly.
  5.  Moving? Growing? Don’t pay a fortune to move that old phone closet. Moving is the perfect time to upgrade to VoIP. Your new phone system will easily scale and evolve with your growth and business needs.

Old technology can give the appearance that you aren’t willing to invest in your business and when you don’t innovate it can degrade your customer’s confidence in you. Modern technology enhances your reliability, productivity and boosts your professional image. Upgrading to VoIP will improve your communications, increase productivity and change how you do business – a change your customers will appreciate!