VoIP Disaster Recovery

Your phone system needs a Disaster Recovery plan too.

Businesses are dependent on their phone system for their day-to-day operations now more than ever. The cost of system downtime increases dramatically and can have a permanent effect on the health and value of your organization. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to include their phone system in a disaster recovery strategy.  Relying on cell phones during a calamity does not allow you to operate at full strength if your communications are down for an extended period of time.

Utility VoIP is flexible, scalable and provides fault tolerance for your business class phone system. With traditional telecom, when your system is down you no longer get calls. Utility VoIP eliminates that issue by putting your PBX in the cloud.

By “Call Forwarding” your published numbers to assigned numbers in the Ancero Cloud, we can emulate your existing Auto Attendant allowing you to run seamlessly in the event of a calamity. You can carry on business as normal, your customers will not realize you have switched to disaster recovery mode.

These 3 key components of Utility VoIP are invaluable when disaster strikes.

  • Cloud based technology elimates downtime
  • Routing calls remotely allows you to work anywhere 
  • 24/7/365 Support during emergencies

We design, install and manage disaster recovery solutions. Please contact us to speak with a solution specialist who can help you prepare your business and protect against future network outages.

Download our Disaster Recovery with Utility VoIP brochure