March 19 2015

You have a plan, but will it work during a disaster?

Posted by Shandi

  This is Business Continuity Awareness Week, held between the 16th and 20th March 2015. We all know that every organization should have a business continuity plan so ... READ MORE

March 12 2015

Protecting Your Data IS Protecting Your Business

Posted by Shandi

  Protecting Your Data IS Protecting Your Business Small to medium sized businesses in general don’t have the same IT budgets and staff as larger enterprises. Yet ... READ MORE

March 03 2015

Free Birds – keep mobile workers connected to the flock

Posted by Shandi

Moving away from traditional desktop technology to Unified Communications and VoIP solutions helps companies empower a more mobile workforce, while retaining productivity. ... READ MORE

February 13 2015

Why Ancero Utility VoIP?

Posted by Shandi

You are already familiar with the many benefits of a Voice Over IP phone system and have decided it’s the right choice for your business. But how do you make the switch? ... READ MORE

February 04 2015

The Real Cost of Outdated Technology

Posted by Shandi

For most small to medium sized businesses their IT budget is tightly managed to maximize dollars. Even if those dollars are spent wisely, risks are always lurking in technology ... READ MORE

January 28 2015

Navigating Technology Trends

Posted by Shandi

What is the most significant change in technology that is affecting your business? Change it self! The fast growing complexity of technology is overwhelming businesses, making ... READ MORE

October 30 2014

Simple Secure Cloud Storage – AnceroNAS

Posted by Shandi

        Ancero is expanding it’s Cloud Services to include a new smart hybrid cloud storage solution called AnceroNAS powered by Datto. The NAS ... READ MORE

October 21 2014

“Smartphonification” Of Work – Is Mobility Benefitting Your Business?

Posted by Shandi

There’s no denying it, mobility is transforming the way we work, live and play. Mobile devices, apps and data have thrust us into a world where business, communications ... READ MORE

October 09 2014

Cyber Security Awareness for SMBs

Posted by Shandi

October is most famously known as Breast Cancer Awareness month, but now there’s another battle October is helping to fight – Cyber Security.  The Department of Homeland ... READ MORE

September 25 2014

Cloud Confusion? Turn to an MSP

Posted by Shandi

        You are facing the challenge of increased storage demands. You understand the importance of a disaster recovery plan. You need data backup. You ... READ MORE